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Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day at Concord Continues 

The Eye of the Diablo was once again visible throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as a collection of regional organizations commemorated Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day at the Concord Campus on December 7, 2017.

A commercial aviation beacon installed by Standard Oil Company at the top of Mount Diablo in 1928, the beacon was extinguished in 1941 as a wartime blackout measure. Since 1964, the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, and later the Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors, have collaborated with Save Mount Diablo, the community organization committed to the preservation and restoration of the mountain and surrounding lands, to relight the beacon for a single evening on December 7th.

In order to accommodate the Pearl Harbor veterans who regularly attend the event, in 2013 the lighting ceremony was moved from the top of Mount Diablo to Cal State East Bay’s Concord Campus, which is now an active member of the memorial partnership. 

The highlight of this year’s event was 93-year-old Earl “Chuck” Kohler, who regaled a packed theatre room with his personal recollections of the attack by aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy on the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Oahu. A Seaman 1st Class stationed on Ford Island in the middle of Pearl Harbor, Mr. Kohler’s captivating storytelling took the audience into his vibrant memory, with vivid descriptions of aircraft, bombs and his own quick action that day.

Cal State East Bay’s Concord Campus looks forward to continuing this annual partnership.  Pictures and videos from the ceremony can be found online 


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