New Advisor Joins Campus Student Services Staff

East Bay's Graduation Initiative helps all students get to graduation sooner

Marie Battaglia joins current Concord Campus General Education Advisor Tristan Garcia to expand campus advising services in preparation for Semester Conversion in fall, 2018.
Use Your Resources...I'm Here to Help
Marie Battaglia
Ms. Battaglia was hired as part of the Student Success Initiative aimed at helping students graduate in a timely manner from Cal State East Bay. A native of Canada, Marie enjoys working with students from diverse backgrounds.  When asked how she defines student success she responds “Student success for me is however an individual student defines it; it is helping the student meet their desired goal. If that means taking a quarter off for family – I help them understand their path for return.”

The Cal State East Bay Student Success Initiative Committee provides advice and recommendations for student retention and graduation and recommends high impact practices for University wide services.  As part of the success initiative, Cal State East Bay will transition from the quarter system calendar to a semester system in fall 2018.  

Marie’s role is to help Concord students navigate that transition. “I’m focusing on seniors right now, helping them understand everything they need to graduate on time.”  She offers convenient counseling options for students, including telephone and in-person sessions, where she provides General Education Advising and updates Individual Advisement Plans (IAP) for the student she meets. 
Such plans list course requirements for both general education and major classes, and are stored electronically for easy reference. Marie quickly recognized the need for students to create a career plan that was consistent with their academic pursuits. She arranged for Career Counselor, Edward Beanes, to meet with students at the Concord Campus regularly to discuss career plans and internship opportunities.  When asked what advice she would give to students, Marie replies “Use your resources” because “I’m here to help!” 
Marie Battaglia, Tristan Garcia and Edward Beanes are a part of the Academic Advising and Career Resource division at Cal State East Bay.  They provide academic and career advising, workshops and individual planning for all students.  


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