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Giving Tradition Carries on at Concord

Faculty and Students Carry on Tradition of Giving at Concord

The Concord Campus has long been a source of community service, and this year was no different, as students, faculty, and staff continued the tradition of helping those in need.  Here are a few examples:

Supporting Local Children

Dr. Ellen Woodard, a lecturer in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies and a long time Concord instructor, promotes the work of the Monument Crisis Center, encouraging donations to support its mission of helping families in need. During the Fall quarter, Dr. Woodard’s students participated in a holiday donation drive to assist the Center, collecting over six bags of toys, books and stuffed bears for local children displaced from their homes.      

Supporting the Homeless

Isabel Bueso, the Concord Campus Director of Associated Students, challenged her classmates to collect socks for the homeless.  According to an article in Odyssey Online, socks are a major but often forgotten need of dispossessed individuals. When the last sock was collected, Isabel’s Fall Sock Drive ended with seven large bags full of socks in all sizes.  The socks were then donated to the Winter Sanctuary, which enlists the help of local community partners to feed, clothe and shelter the homeless for a period of one to five days from November to March.  The food and clothing coordinator at one of the sites, Yolanda Galloway, was surprised by the success of the Concord drive. “I couldn’t believe how many socks were donated.  There were just so many!” Isabel hopes that the sock collection tradition will continue after she graduates this spring.

Supporting Community Health

The students of Cal State East Bay’s nursing program often participate in a variety of community health projects throughout Contra Costa County.  Although busy with large course loads and preparing for State Nursing Boards, Concord’s nursing students still want to give back.  This year, they decided to table at the Walnut Creek Farmers Market to provide nutrition education to interested shoppers. After the success of their Walnut Creek initiative, the students now plan to expand their educational program to the Todos Santos Farmers Market in Concord by the end of the year.  

Supporting Veterans

Veteran students at East Bay were able to participate in a Veteran focused job and support service program as they started school this fall. Student Veterans coordinated a variety of support service providers at a one day workshop, including representatives from Contra Costa Veterans Services, State government hiring agencies, and Cal State East Bay’s own student support. The program was well received and there are plans to host a second event this year.

Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence

Students made handmade greeting cards for women and children temporarily living at Shepherd’s Gate home for women and Love-A-Child Missions, a home for women and families needing temporary shelter due to domestic violence.  The cardmaking project was part of a series of CSUEB Homecoming events at the campus.


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