From the Desk of Dr. Robert Phelps

Executive Director of the Concord Campus

Greetings and welcome to the first issue of the Compass, the official newsletter of Cal State East Bay’s Concord Campus. The Compass will be published quarterly, with special issues appearing when required.

Things are busy at Concord. The campus currently serves roughly 1,400 students, or almost 10% of all students who attend Cal State East Bay. In that sense, we are fulfilling our mission, to enhance access to public higher education in Contra Costa County. Right now, our focus is on student success and campus improvements. As you have read, we added an additional academic advisor to the campus staff to provide guidance as the university converts to a semester-based academic calendar. We are also improving student amenities to ensure the campus remains the welcoming environment for which it has become known. Besides a new fitness park, we are renovating a conference room into a state of the art Collaboration Room, where student groups and faculty can conduct meetings and work together on a variety of projects. The room will double as a study commons after main library hours.

We recently completed replacing the 25 year old carpet on the first floor of the AS building, where students go for academic and financial aid advising, counseling and health services, as well as accessibility support. This required a relocation of student services to a variety of locations for three weeks. The inconvenience was short lived, and many thanks to our partners at Facility Development and Operations for a superb job.

A new and much larger autoclave, a pressure chamber used in medical applications to perform sterilization, is also being installed in the Organic Chemistry Lab, a project that will involve some remodeling. So a lot of work is going on, demonstrating Cal State East Bay’s commitment to its students in Contra Costa County. I invite you to stay engaged as Cal State East Bay’s Concord Campus continues to move forward.


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