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Letter from our Team

From the Desk of Dr. Phelps

Dr. Robert Phelps serves as the Executive Director of the Concord Campus

Greetings from the Concord Campus.

As the Concord Campus celebrates its 25th year, an event that nicely coincides with the university's own 60th anniversary, things continue to move forward at a rapid pace. During the Fall quarter, we opened a campus fitness park, debuted a new collaboration room, and christened virtually every Concord classroom with a moniker reflecting the rich history and geography of Contra Costa County. The first two initiatives, made possible by the generous gift of a local donor and a collaborative arrangement with Associated Students, enhance the student experience at Concord. The latter venture further ties the campus symbolically to the community it serves.

As Fall was a time of beginnings, Winter was the season for giving as well as constructive partnerships. Concord students and faculty were involved in a variety of charitable projects throughout the region. The campus once again played host to the annual beacon lighting in recognition of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, an event that honors survivors in the presence of friends and family. Concord was also the site of the Contra Costa Office of Education EdCamp, a day-long technology workshop for local teachers. Finally, we received the exciting news that the campus was the recipient of a major grant from John Muir Community Health Fund to expand our Pioneers for Hope food pantry.

As we pass through the winter months, we are also heavily engaged in the stewardship of our campus lands, which total some 386 acres. Of major interest is our Galindo Creek Restoration Initiative, which seeks to protect a sensitive waterway and wetlands on the campus’ eastern section. Details to come in the months ahead.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles that follow. Onward!


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